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Get the most out of your time and money during your stay in Nepal. Ama is a long-time expat/immigrant to Nepal and our ‘behind the camera’ talent, Sujit, is from the Kathmandu Valley with family roots going back millennia. Together, we will keep you safe and getting the most out of your time in this amazing country.

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Many tourists wonder how they can help the world to be a better place while they travel. It’s simple. Supporting the art and craft traditions of such a place as Nepal provides all the benefits of a hand-up instead of a hand-out: Pride to be able to support one’s family, the ability to send one’s children to a better school, the ability to provide security for a family. Providing jobs is one of the best ways to grow an economy while getting the bulk of the money directly into the hands of the local people.

Another way to help Nepal

Kay Garnay for Nepal , NGO registered in Nepal, serves to help in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a place to help people, animals or the environment we can help you to find a suitable agency or host you at our home and enable you to put a project together. We have connections to many NGOs in Nepal, so if you’d like something at a monastery, tea plantation project, English tutoring at a government/public school or  internship position let us know and we can help you find something.

Here are a few things we’ve worked with throughout the past 4 years. (Hyperlink)

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                                                          Allow Us To Host You For A Night

We love to share in your adventures with our other viewers. If you’ve had a unique experience during your time here we’d love to interview you. If you want to talk about a scam you experienced, a wedding, home-stay experience, amazing village or anything else to help future travelers in Nepal we’d love to hear from you.

We will promote your travel blog, video channel or websites/Etsy/Amazon/Shopify store if you have anything like that.

Allow us to buy your lunch in Kathmandu or host you for a night:

Would you like a free night’s stay in a lovely, modern home in Kathmandu? Allow us to video you for our channel and we will host you for a night.

Don't need lodging? Let us buy lunch for you in Kathmandu instead.

We are always looking for people to interview, so if you have something of interest just let us know: [email protected]


About Amanda and Sujit ....

Amanda fell in love with Nepal over 9 years ago and never left.  

Sujit was born and raised in Nepal and wants you to enjoy Nepal to the max.

Together Ama and Sujit work hard to show you Nepal from their own perspective.

 Ama’s role is to keep you safe, help you manage your hard-earned money and show you some lovely places that may be missed in many of the guidebooks. 

Sujit does all the editing and videoing. He also serves as a guide and cultural translator for our exploration.

“I’ve been living here in Nepal for 9 years now and learn more every day about Nepal. It’s such a pleasure to be able to live in such a peaceful place. I just love sharing this amazing country with westerners.

“I feel that I’m a very lucky person to have

 been born here in Nepal at this time. 

I love sharing and showing off my beautiful country. 

I’m learning a lot about video shooting and editing for our Youtube channel. I

 hope you enjoy, like and subscribe.”


What’s Up This Month-February?

Our Festival Season begins with Shiva Ratri on __________________

Take a look at our video to learn about the amazing temple/UNESCO site, Pashupatinath. If you are here for Shiva Ratri you’ll want to spend some time here. Stay for the Arti festival most nights, as well.


Trekking and Culture

We don't have a trekking or travel company.

Explore the pages and links within for information you can trust. We offer suggestions on how to spot a good and bad tour operator.  Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your trekking experience. How and where to celebrate festivals, what to expect from various kinds of eating experiences,and guesthouse stays and much, much more.


Favorite Places

They say, “Leave only footprints and take only memories.”
We say, “Leave something here to help Nepal and its struggling people.
Take a bit of Nepal home in your heart as memories and souvenirs.”

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Off the Beaten Track

Nepal from an insider's perspective.  

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For Foodies

Explore the unique and diverse dishes of Nepal with Amanda.  

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Cultural and Spiritual Experiences

Festivals, temples, religions, and more.   Get a closeup look at many cultural experiences Nepal offers.

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